image annotation

Put the image on the usual Anki card and use it. One of the features I really want to see in Anki is the ability to annotate existing images. I’d like to know how to make an official proposal to Anki, or implement a similar feature. I wish it was implemented correctly.

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This is usually called ‘image occlusion’, and is something I’d like to support in the future. @krmanik had been doing some work in this area, but I guess he has been busy around this time of year.

imageocclusion doesn’t work on anki mobile. If you click on an image in anki mobile and press the edit button, you would like to be able to annotate the image as well. If so, it would be the best learning application, but it’s too bad. Since this function is not available, I have to look for other alternatives, and I cannot abandon my lingering attachments. It’s one of the features I really want to see implemented.

Yes, image occlusion is not currently supported, but I do plan to support it in the future.

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