Ankiweb sync & log in infinitely loads

Since three days, anki on my laptop seems to not be able to connect to anki web.

When I tried to sync, it would load infinitely staying at 0%. Now that I fully reset the app, connecting to my account isn’t possible as it also loads infinitely. I tried this with versions 2.1.54 qt5 and qt6, and 2.1.49, with the same result.

What should I do to fix this ?

  • Did you try without add-ons? Holding Shift when starting Anki temporarily disables add-ons.
  • Do you have any proxy / VPN / firewall on your computer? If so, try disabling them.
  • Try using a different wifi, or through mobile bandwidth. Beware of data consumption if you have limited internet access.
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I already tried holding shift and other wifi, without better results. I tried setting off the firewall and still nothing.

Hopefully, I remembered some videos telling you to restart your PC instead of shutting it down to perform a fresh restart and this worked.

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