Ankiweb not playing audio

So i’ve synced my cards from the PC version to ankiweb but it seems that the audio isn’t playing on ankiweb. Did I do something wrong?

Update: I got it to work. My audio files were not supported on ankiwebs so I had to change them to mp3s :frowning:

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Thank you for the hint. I did not find out this solution by myself.

Is there a list anywhere what sound formats are supported by ankiweb? (Anki Manual recommends mp3 for sound and mp4 for video to be most portable to ankiweb and mobile clients.)

Suggestion for improvement of ankiweb: Show something (instead of nothing in this place) when the media is not supported. Maybe only an error icon with some tool tip. Or maybe a link for downloading (or …). (BTW: Where can I post suggestions for ankiweb? A github repo with a only could track issues.)

I should probably post the suggestion in Suggestions - Anki Forums

I have similar experience. My audio files are .ogg which is supported by Anki (Windows), AnkiDroid, my web browser but not supported by AnkiWeb.