Ankiweb latex visualization

i can’t view the render of latex on ankiweb (as pictures show), can someone help me? thank

When you review a card with LaTeX on it, Anki will generate an image for that LaTeX and place the image in your collection’s media folder for future use. The web & mobile clients will display these images if they already exist, but can not generate the images on their own.

To avoid having to review all your cards at least once before you can study on the other clients, Anki can generate the images in bulk for you. To generate all the images, please go to Tools>Check Media. After that, syncing should upload the generated media to AnkiWeb and the other clients.

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so the cards with the latex code must be generated for the first time by the desktop application and then uploaded to the cloud, is there no way to do it directly from the browser?

Yes. They can’t be rendered directly in the browser.