AnkiWeb: Allow deck/addon creators to challenge votes

Obviously this isn’t about well-founded downvotes, but every now and then, a voter comes along who either hasn’t read the description, claims something nonsensical, or actually has a point, only to never reappear when the creator has long addressed it¹.

Frankly, for creators that’s disheartening at worst and annoying at best, seeing you’ve sometimes spend many hours for free creating these decks/addons (and esp. when there have only been few votes yet, so the downvote really hurts).

So I’d like to ask for the ability to flag these votes for a check, not necessarily to remove them but maybe to turn them into neutral comments. (I know there’s too little time for in-depth review or let alone arbitration, but at least it would fix the obvious cases.)

[¹: Another issue could be that afaik edits to a creator’s reply don’t seem to result in a notification email being resent, which can be a bit of an issue if that edit actually contains new info/a fix and ends up unseen. Maybe allow it to be resent a week after the last, if there was an edit?]

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User ratings and votes should only be deleted or changed in exceptional cases (illegal content, defamation, …). I assume that most users who are interested in downvotes read the developer’s response to them. If this is helpful or invalidates the criticism it is IMHO sufficient.

A little maintenance would do the add-on section some good, however, if only because of over a dozen wrong AMBOSS add-ons and the like.


Users who are interested in downvotes may be made to not even look at the deck if it hits it early on. Like I wrote, I don’t necessarily suggest deleting them, just changing them into a neutral comment works as well (say, if the voter hasn’t responded further after a month since the reply).

This would go well with the addition of general direct reporting (that is, a combined one for ratings/decks/addons), actually.

Late & repeated reply, I know, but there’s two questions I’m still just curious for a reply.

  1. Does a reviewer get another mail when the deck creator updates their response, or not?
    If not, it can be pointless to put effort into it.

  2. The overall sort score appears to be given by something like "#👍/(#👎+1)".
    I’m not sure what the exact current formula is, but it seems to place undue value on the dislikes: Why should the first one alone be able to cancel out (almost?) half of all likes?

Anyway, I guess it stays at that creators just have to “deal with it” when users too lazy to read the description (or unresponsive after their issues were addressed) metaphorically pee over the decks one has spent days to weeks to make & provides for free. Alright.

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Mails should be sent out when you update a reply as well. The sorting is basically the method described on How Not To Sort By Average Rating – Evan Miller

Welcome to the joys of giving something away for free on the 'net :slight_smile:

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I think you should not weigh too much the ratings of your add-on/deck. In any case, you have made an effort for the community, and we are grateful, no matter how many likes/dislikes you actually get (most people don’t leave a review when everything works fine, they just do when there is an issue).

Having to deal with lazy users and unfair votes / reviews can be discouraging and tiring for add-ons / deck creators. Maybe it would be helpful if every user (and not only the creator), could respond to votes / reviews.