AnkiWeb accound in Ankidroid SSLException

when i try to use my AnkiWeb account in AnkiDroid - I get this message (my AnkiWeb works perfectly in my desktop Anki): “A network error has occurred - SSLException while building HttpClient”

There seems to be a post A network error has occurred. SSLException while building HttpClient (2020-05-30) · Issue #6317 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

Is your android version 4.0?
How to Check What Android Version You Have: 5 Steps

it will never work for Android 4.0, there is simply no support on those older devices for TLS1.2. Your only option is to upgrade your device so it has a newer Android OS, or install and use GitHub - tsudoko/anki-sync-server: Self-hosted Anki sync server where you can control the SSL support and thus use TLS1.1 or lower

One thing you could try is enabling the experimental backend in the advanced settings.

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