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This add-on just adds a reboot button to the menu bar. (Prototype)

[ Description ]

  • Skip sync and restart quickly.
  • When closed normally, it will be synced.
  • Restart Anki in Safe Mode (Without Add-ons)
  • Auto Restart After SafeMode.
  • Console Mode(Windows)
  • For Mac, the button is shown on the right.


[ Warning ]

  • This add-on is separated from Anki in purpose of restarting Anki, so there is a high possibility of mis-detection by antivirus software. This problem is solvable, but requires $200+ per year (Code Signing), so I’m not considering it at now.

  • [ Windwos ] If your antivirus software
    mis-detects add-on, the “.exe” will be quarantined. It’s labeled Trojan but it’s a mis-detection, so no danger. In this case, this add-on cannot be used without Allow on device.

  • [ Mac ] If you do not grant permissions, it is likely that you will not be able to launch the “.app”. I’m not certain if it will work on the latest Macs.

[ Others ]

If you have any bugs or questions, please feel free to comment.

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Nice job!

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Can you add this too?
Option for auto restart after updating addons - Suggestions - Anki Forums (

I added the feature to auto-restart Anki after updating the add-ons. Cross-platform debugging and other add-on features are not yet complete, so it will be a while before I release it on AnkiWeb, but you can download the add-on under development for free from my Patreon page (no registration required). It has been tested only on windows, Anki 2.1.66 (Qt6).