AnkiMobile 23.12 released

The 23.12 update was approved by Apple today. It will roll out to users over the next 7 days, but you should be able to visit the app store page if you’d like to download it immediately.


I don’t know where to report a bug of AnkiMobile. So, I am going to report here and I can move to other appropriated place if anyone point it out.

I found that the the AnkiMobile 23.12 on iPone SE 3rd generation behave differently when I turn silent mode on. The previous versions of AnkiMobile is not going to play audio file in the card (mine is on the back side) automatically when I turn the silent mode of iOS one via side switch. Actually, I thought that function (not automatically play audio in the card when silent mode is on) is super useful. Now in AnkiMobile 23.12, the app still play audio file in the card automatically even I turned silent mode on. I don’t know if this is intentionally done as a new feature or it is just a bug. But I think it is a bug because I didn’t see this feature at the update note.

Thanks for your hard work.

Oh, my bad. You have intentionally made it more customizable but set the default to automatically play. I have no problem now. It’s a feature, not bug. Sorry for stupid response form me. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Not a problem :slight_smile: I changed the default because it tended to confuse new users who leave their phone on vibrate.

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