AnkiMobile 20084.2

The most recent version of AnkiMobile served by TestFlight (# 20084.2) has a minor problem with the “Mark” feature. When I’m reviewing a card and invoke the “Mark” feature, the screen doesn’t immediately update to show the yellow star in the top left corner that indicates that the note is marked.

If I go to the Edit or Browse screens, I can see that the note has been tagged properly, and when I return to the card I’m reviewing, the star appears as expected.

Since this is the only thread for the iOS beta, I thought I should report an error I found here.

When I was trying to select “Again” on cards, the app would crash.

The yellow star doesn’t appear immediately after marking a card, either done from the top bar or from the Actions menu. But the card is actually marked (checking the tag field). Going to the next card and undoing, so that I get back to the marked card, shows the star properly.

AnkiMobile v. 20084.2 on iPadOS.


I’m using AnkiMobile iOS Beta 2.0.84 (20084.2). I can no longer add notes via the x-callback-url/addnote callback from my app, Anki opens but immediately displays an alert with the message “Error: notetype was not cached”.


Thanks, I’ll look into these issues.

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Since I can’t find where to apply to the iOS Beta, can I join?

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