AnkiDroid on Onyx Boox Products

I feel eyestrain is an issue so I found that there are e ink tablets that run Android 10 and was wondering if anyone has one and go AnkiDroid to work on it? I am thinking of getting one just to help cut down on eye strain. I was thinking of Getting Poke3

If you can install an apk, then it should work. We also have an e-reader mode in the Advanced settings, which removes some animations to speed up the app for e-ink screens. We do have e-ink based users and they seem satisfied.

There’s a test video on the Boox Max 3 which looks promising: E ink. Onyx Boox Max 3. Test AnkiDroid Flashcard app - YouTube

There’s nothing in our Google Play analytics for the Poke3, but there’s also nothing for the Max 3, so that doesn’t worry me.

I’ve had a Google, and I’d be very surprised if you came across any problems. You’d be best to cross-post to a Boox-specific forum ( and see if someone can test for you, just to make sure.

All the best,