AnkiDroid flickering and delaying on my tablet, after the last update

After the last update, all decks with JavaScript started flickering. When you click show reply, there is a small flash. It’s really annoying. And there is a slight delay when switching cardsBefore the last update everything was fine. (Device-Samsung Galaxy Tab)
I did a little investigation myself, and it seems to be an optimization problem. I cleared RAM by closing all applications in the background (also turned off RamPlus), and only then the problem is solved. It seems Anki needs all 8gb of my tablet memory :slight_smile:

Please share an apkg file with a card affected (and the related JS) so other people can debug it.

Also, try checking if the flickers also happens in the Previewer, which has a different rendering mechanism that should work better (will be the default for the Reviewer eventually).

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  1. ankiweb. net/shared/info/715945745.
    I thought you can’t share links here, buy I’ll try do some trick

  2. If you edit a card and go into Previewer, everything works great. There is not a single delay or flicker.
    Also if you learn decks with JavaScript on PC, everything works perfectly. Everything was fine on my tablet too, up until the last update. Once I updated, I immediately started noticing lags and flickering.

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