Anki will not open on MacOS

Hi all - I am unable to open Anki on my 2018 MacBook Pro. The OS is Sonoma 14.0, and the processor is a 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7.

When I try to open Anki, its icon bounces up and down on the Doc for 1-2 minutes, then stops doing so. When I click and hold the icon, it says “Application Not Responding,” after which I have no choice but to Force Quit.

The issue seems similar to ones described in several previous posts. I’ve tried a number of the suggestions I saw there, including:

  • Holding down the shift button while opening Anki (to disable add-ons and automatic syncing) → no difference
  • From the Applications folder, right-clicking Anki and selecting “Open” (rather than double-clicking) → no difference
  • Opening via Terminal using /Applications/ → no error message; Terminal remains blank after 10 minutes
  • Restarting my computer → no difference
  • Updating my iOS (was previously having this issue with Catalina; hence tried updating to Sonoma) → no difference
  • Installing multiple versions, including the following (for each of these, I’ve tried opening from both the Applications folder and from Terminal):
    – anki-2.1.66-mac-intel-qt5
    – anki-2.1.66-mac-intel-qt6
    – anki-23.10-mac-intel-qt5
    – anki-23.10-mac-intel-qt6
    – anki-2.1.62+beta1_bf05fae9-mac-intel-qt5
    – anki-2.1.62+beta1_bf05fae9-mac-intel-qt6

Feeling at a loss and would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

The only other things I can think of for you to try:

  • if you have multiple monitors, does disconnecting one help?
  • if you rename your Anki data folder to something else while Anki is closed, does that help Anki start up? Managing Files - Anki Manual

Thanks so much for the reply! I have one monitor, and renaming the Anki2 folder (to Anki3) did not work. But, in some good news, I finally got Anki to open! The problem was that I had a pop-up elsewhere on the desktop that I had not closed; I think this was preventing me from accepting Anki’s Terms and Conditions, and/or selecting a language. Once I closed the pop-up, Anki opened without any issue.

Sorry to bother for what ended up being such a silly reason! And thanks again.

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