Anki Will Not Open on Mac. Catalina 10.15.7

I am currently having problems opening Anki on my macbook pro. I try to open the anki application and it will continue to “bounce” up and down on the dock but never opens. I have deleted and reinstalled, reinstalled older versions as well as the alternate version and also checked for malware. I had got in contact with apple support and we have come to conclusion that is user specific. We created a new admin user and Anki opened just fine. Apple had sent me to this discussion page to get help in regard to pulling folders that may cause this issue.

Thank You,


Please try renaming your data folder to something else: Managing Files - Anki Manual

Hi Dae,

I will be honest, I am not tech-savvy what so ever so I am not sure how to navigate is there a possible way you could walk me through this?




  • click on your desktop; you should see Finder in the top right
  • click on the Go menu
  • hold down the option key to reveal Library, and click on it
  • double click on Application Support
  • locate the Ank2 folder, and click once on it.
  • press enter, then type in a new name like “Anki2Temporary”

Does Anki start correctly after that?