Anki was specifically designed for people with dementia

It must be true. I saw it on the internet:

Anki Review: 5 Useful Information You Need To Know | Ling App (

Search for “dementia”. QED.


Maybe the program wasn’t designed specifically for people with memory problems in mind, but I’m sure that it can be really very effective as part of the treatment of people with dementia, Alzheimer, etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: maybe they are speaking about Anki App?

The software is free to download, but you can upgrade to a premium version that unlocks extra features (like backup/sync with other mobile devices and access across multiple PCs).

It seems the article is confusing the two. On one hand, It includes instructions for AnkiApp (I guess) like:

After downloading the free version of Anki, accessing these cards is as simple as clicking File → Open Deck → (select deck) → Study Cards.

And the paragraph you quoted.

On the other hand, it correctly describes the iPhone version and links to

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