Having trouble opening a downloaded deck

Hi Friends,

I’m new to Ankiweb and trying to help my daughter get a deck. I’ve downloaded a deck but when I try to open it, my computer asks me what app I want to use to open it. It doesn’t automatically open in Ankiweb. Can you help?

Also, she’d prefer to have the deck on her phone eventually, but I can’t even get it on her laptop. (not an apple).

I have the free web version.

A few clarifications:

  • There is no paid web version. The only paid version of Anki is the one for iPhone, for which there is no free version (that is, you pay once to install the app on your iPhone). Everything else is free.
  • AnkiWeb is not a full-featured Anki client, and is not meant to be. This means that you can use it to do some reviews if you don’t have anything better under the hand, but it definitively lacks some basic features. This means that, very often, if you try to do something through AnkiWeb and can’t figure it out, it just means that you can’t.

That being said, you probably want to install Anki Desktop on your computer, as it’s the most feature-full client. Other clients, such as Anki for iPhone and Anki for Android phones (which are not the same applications) aim at having all the features Anki Desktop has, but it’s not currently the case (and there will probably always be a bit of delay).

To install Anki Desktop, please visit apps.ankiweb.net. Once you’ve done that, you can download the shared deck, then sync to Anki Web both Anki Desktop and Anki on her phone, and voilà! You can keep syncing (which is also free), as it allows you to keep all clients synchronized, or choose to stop syncing if you’re not interested.

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