Anki update numbering

@dae: This is a humble idea from a non-programmer. Feel free to completely disregard or even get a good laugh if the suggestion is… well… laughable. No response is needed.

Anyhow, the idea is that if a change in Anki is so big, that going back down to a prior level requires a downgrade (like the jump between 2.1.44 and 2.1.45), that would go from 2.1.44 to 2.2.0. Then anything at the 2.2.x level would not require downgrading. You would only need to downgrade if you have to go back to 2.1.x.

I undoubtably am speaking about a topic well above my experience and ability, but from a non-programmer, but active user perspective, this type of number system would make sense.

It’s a totally reasonable suggestion, and it would make things clearer. The problem is that Anki’s update process, AnkiWeb, and add-ons all make assumptions about the minor version number staying the same, and a fair amount of work will be required to teach them how to deal with updates that aren’t just a point number increase.

Thanks and understood.