Backward forward compatibility

I use a cheap 32 bit Windows 10 laptop when travelling in case it gets damaged or stolen. Can I freely move my collection back and forth between my main 64 bit Windows laptop with the latest version of Anki and the 32 bit one albeit with loss of some functionality on the 32 bit machine or are the databases fundamentally different?

The 32-bit and 64-bit copies of the same Anki version shouldn’t be different, but since the last version that supports 32-bit is 2.1.35 and newer versions sometimes change the database structure, you should always use the Downgrade option in the newer 64-bit version before moving your collection to the older 32-bit one.


Thanks for such a prompt reply, presumably when I reimport the downgraded version back into the latests 64 bit version, having been working with it for a few days it will get converted back into the latest format and I won’t have lost anything I had previously entered!

You shouldn’t lose anything.