Anki step intervals coming up weird?

For some reason, the again and good buttons show the same interval even though my step settings are 1 40 and the cards just don’t come up again, I have been doing cards for the past hour and haven’t seen the same card twice even though I’ve been pressing again quite a lot. It was fine till yesterday, but it’s being really weird today. Also, another deck on the same profile shows correct intervals using the same settings.

Any ideas how to fix this? Would appreciate any help!

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 02.33.33 1

If you’ve changed the steps recently, the cards may either need to exit learning or be marked Again to fix the steps. Learning cards show up in order due, so if the cards are not appearing after a minute, you likely have a backlog of other learning cards that need answering first.


Yes it was probably that - it works now, thank you so much!!