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Anki review history not syncing properly


It is most likely that I am doing something stupid, but been having issues with syncing review history between my mac and iphone.

I am using a deck from a class that periodically will send new cards to the pile. The goal is to review the available cards from the deck and then just add in the new cards to the deck once they come through. I have no issue with downloading the new cards to my mac but each time I add them, it seems to reset the reviews when I sync them on my iphone. I check the review history and those are still intact, it just presents them like they are new cards that haven’t been reviewed before.

Would much appreciate any guidance! Thanks!

The person exporting this card have to uncheck include scheduling information

Other than that, I have no idea what’s the problem

When you import an .apkg file, cards in your collection are updated if the ones in the file were modified more recently. Currently the importer does not have an option to ignore updated cards, so I’m afraid the person exporting the collection will need to ensure they do not modify the existing cards, or you will need to modify the local cards just before importing (by flagging and unflagging them for example). The latter will result in a longer sync the next time you sync.