Anki PC Windows Sync Problem

I use Anki Version ⁨2.1.49 on Windows

So since november 25, 2021, I did not success to synchronize my Desks.

Even I force option to synchronize to one way to synchronise to AnkiWeb at next sync…So I did not get any error but the desk is not updated on Web !!!

For me to avoid this kind of synchronization problem it misses in AnkiWeb an option to upload completly an update of a desk., or on Windows an option to overload the desk from PC to Ankiweb.

any idea to unlock this problem ? I dont want recreate the Desk each time I change it on PC !


You appear to have successfully synced the computer version. When you look on, how does the uploaded collection differ from what you have in your computer?

Your Android device does not appear to have been synced since Nov 25 - maybe you have not used the synchronize action since then?

Hi, yes from PC it seems sync succesfully but when I see on ankiweb it appears that last sync is for 25 november while I do it recently sync from PC to AnkiWeb, and on my PC I have more cards than in AnkiWeb. Npte I remember I renamed the desk perhaps i troubles the Sync.


I do a test today I suppress my desk on AnkiWeb and I resync from PC and I renew the share. It updates on AnkiWeb. I will follow this on next update but it appears not normal to have to detroy the Desk from Aniweb to Sync it from PC, and the followers loose the link !. Note I had used 2 différents PC to modify Cards but always the same to SYNC !!


I suspect you have created multiple AnkiWeb accounts, and the one you are logged into is not the one you are syncing your computer with.