Anki on iPad Card Count not matching on Anki Mac

Has anyone else had an issue with the new IOS Anki 2.0.81 not matching up correctly with Anki on Mac? I have completed all of my cards on my laptop (running Anki 2.1.26) and have synced, but when my iPad updated to the new Anki version, it says that I have 72 new cards.

This morning my iPhone was running the previous version of Anki, but it updated automatically and now also reflects 72 new cards as well.

I went ahead and deleted Anki on my iPad and reinstalled and when it initially pulled the cards, it showed that I had zero cards due. However, Once it finalized syncing (I have over 50,000+ cards) it reverted back to 72 new cards.

2.1.26 is quite old at this point, and the behaviour of the v2 scheduler has changed over time. I suspect if you update to a recent Anki version, the counts will match.


I went ahead and updated my computer to the latest version.

There seems to be an issue with regards to burying.

I upgraded the morning to the latest version. I went ahead and completed all of my due cards today for my deck. My IOS app was still showing 95 new cards to do today, although my Mac Anki showed everything was completed. The card was buried in Anki Mac, but it wasn’t buried in my IOS anki.

I did a force sync from my Mac to AnkiWeb. Redownloaded from AnkiWeb to my ipad and it disappeared. Then it showed up again later during a sync that I had 95 new card to do (on ipad). I went ahead and completed the 95 cards on my IOS device, force synced from my iPad, and everything seemed to be in balance.

However, then I got more new cards to do today later on in the day on my iPad.

There was a similar report during beta testing, but it reportedly went away a day after upgrading. How have things fared over the last few days?


I’m still having issues after upgrading.

On my mac Anki App, I have 107 due cards. 2 New and 105 review

On my Anki IOS app, on the home screen I have 163 review cards, and 27 new cards for a total of 190 cards.

Once I click on my Anking Deck on IOS, I have 18 new cards, 102 review cards, and 55 mature cards for a total of 175 cards.

They aren’t matching up at all

I’ve created a separate post to track this issue: Inconsistent card counts when syncing