Anki not randomizing review on desktop


when reviewing my miles down deck for mcat the same card shows up regardless if I press hard or again. and will not go onto the next card unless I press good or easy. However, on Anki mobile or on Anki web it randomizes the card when I press hard and again. can someone please help me troubleshoot this I have been going crazy trying to figure it out.


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Please ensure you’re on the latest Anki. If problems persist, please use the Card Info action on a card you think is being shown when it shouldn’t be, and attach the screenshot here, and explain why you think the review history that is displayed is incorrect.

Hi so basically when I press a card and press hard, my intervals are 1m 6m and 2d, it will show the same card again even if I press hard. and will only go away when I press 2d. However, on ankiweb and anki mobile when I press hard a new card will appear and everything works fine. I have been using Anki web and ankimoble instead of the desktop app so if anyone has any help would be appreciated. Thanks

To that I would add – post your Deck Options as well.

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