Anki keeps deleting itself?

This is the 2nd time this has happened, I find I cannot see my icon - then I spot it, like a placeholder thing. When I click it I get “The item ‘’ has moved or been deleted. Would you like to delete this shortcut?”


Why does this app keep doing this?

It’s the only app on this 3 year old PC that ever does this; no other app keeps uninstalling itself, so what gives?

Last time it happened I was able to reinstall the app and it found my deck, this time it cannot, so I have to find some new cards and start all over again?


Edit: I should add the icon is different too. My old shortcut was a yellow icon with 2 arrows or chevrons, the new one is blue with 2 stars.

It’s the yellow one that keeps deleting itself.

Second edit. I’ve found the download from last time, reinstalled and now it’s working again. These seem to be 2 different programs, Anki and Ankiapp???

AnkiApp has nothing to do with Anki: AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions


Well that’s… bizarre.

OK, thanks and sorry to trouble you.

No worries! I am just an user myself.

If you manage to find your AnkiApp deck and wish to move it to Anki (as I would suggest), there is this add-on that eases the transfer AnkiApp Importer - AnkiWeb

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