ANKI HELP - blank cards


I have anki on my macbook air laptop and I bought the advanced version of it to show pictures etc. I have two questions/ concerns:

  1. I downloaded a deck from reddit too many times and I do not know how to mass delete because I have 10,000 cards and none of them have information on it (which is why i tried redownloading them onto anki but no luck)
  2. I downloaded the milesdown deck and all the cards are empty (hence why I tried to redownload them hence why I have 10,000 blank cards on my account)

If someone could please help me figure out a solution I am unsure what to do. Thank you.

This sounds suspicious, as Anki is free to use on any device besides on iPhone / iPad, and even on those it’s a one-time buy at the moment you download the app. You may be using a “counterfeit” Anki version (that is, an application developed by a third party, unofficially, whose name is intentionally close to Anki’s to mislead users, without Anki’s consent).


Oh no I did not pay for it in the app story but it offered an upgrade? and that is what I paid for. It is the first anki notes app that comes up in the app store (with the infinity sign?) … would someone mind showing me what their anki looks like? and how to get the cards I downloaded to show all the information because they are all blank :frowning:

Nevermind, perhaps you are right, I think I got the wrong version. I found the downloadable version on the internet. I will try that. I cannot believe I just got scammed, that is quite unfortunate :frowning: Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

If it can help you: I think the first result when you just search for “Anki” is something called AnkiApp, which is not an official app. The official app is AnkiMobile, which should have the same icon as this forum, for example. Here is the official page on the app store.

Besides, on the link I posted earlier, there are some explanations on how to migrate your information from AnkiApp to AnkiMobile without paying (as they have put this migration “feature” for those who realize it’s a scam behind a paywall…).

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thats perfect, thank you so much. I found the right version for my laptop! and the whole deck downloaded perfectly on there.