Anki has become unreadable

Yesterday everything working great.

Today I open up and find that I am looking at the milky way as a background and all of the text on the screen is unreadable. It does appear to be readable for a fraction of a second and then the milkyway loads up

I have the Custom Background Image and Gear Icon installed . Currently that add on shows as greyed out but it can be toggled between “disabled” and “requires <2.138” I have 2.1.43 I have not upgraded recently , background was working yesterday, a lovely light blue sea image , now I am in the twilight zone.

The browse screen appears to be ok.

Sync works, it seems (clicked it accidentally), hopefully it went in the correct direction.

HELP please

Reboot the PC, no effect.

I have found that I can make the screen readable by setting the Preferences to Night mode.

I also found that I could delete the background Addon, unfortunately the milkyway persists.

Reinstalled Custom Background Image and went into Config.

The Config indicated that I was configured Random for background so have changed it to my sea.png and am happy again.

The issue would seem to be, why did the config change from Background sea.png to random . The milky way is a png in my background directory.

I had not changed the background since setting it up weeks ago. Also the addon was greyed out for some reason when I first opened up and saw the milky way.

Anyway the fix is:

  • change to night mode if you want to read the screen
  • go to add ons and remove Custom Background
  • reinstall Custom Background
  • change the config from Random to something else.