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Anki frozen on syncing

The “Checking” bar never disappears and its been that way for past 4 hours. I wasnt importing any new cards at the time so it is unusual for it to take that long. I have tried to delete the anki app and re install it but it keeps showing up with the same problem (as shown in the image). Not sure if there is a way to just completely reinstall Anki. Also tried restarting the computer and that too did not make a difference to how Anki restarted.

Anki doesnt let me unsuspend or browse for new cards or use any of the functions on Anki in the meantime :frowning:

EDIT: When I clicked shift and restarted anki, it worked but I found something weird in the logs. It seems like all the logs that anki produces is going to the log files of one of my add ons’ text files. I have no idea why.
This is a screenshot of the log files for anki:

That’s not a log file, that’s one of the locations Anki stores your collection data. If you find the original problem occurs again, please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions