Anki error message for cards using a downloaded deck

Have you tried adding all of the new fields you need at the same time before saving?

These are the ones from my code in the back template. I would have to remove some to match the code like pic and subtitle
Should I only have these fields?
These are the ones in my code that you said
{{Alternative Meanings}}
{{furigana:Alternative Reading}}
{{furigana:Context Sentence 1}}
{{English Sentence 1}}
{{furigana:Context Sentence 2}}
{{English Sentence 2}}

My fields are:
Alternative Meanings
Alternative reading
Context sentence 1
english sentence 1
context sentence 2
english sentence 2

The 2 lists don’t have to match exactly in both directions.
:x: Using fields in your templates that do not exist on your note → the problem
:white_check_mark: Having fields on your note that are not used in your templates → just fine

You get to choose either way to fix it, but it seems to me that adding the extra fields to your note is the path of least resistance.

I tried adding the kanji field which seems to be the only one missing but that returns an error, is there anything else you think I should try adding? I’ve tried removing it to match, and changing kana to kanji just to try, ended up with no results

At this point, I think you should consider either using a different shared deck that works out of the box, reading the card layout section of the manual to understand what the errors mean, or offering someone some money to fix the problems for you.

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