Anki doesn't work on PC

Hi everyone.
I downloaded Anki today but I have problems with running on my notebook. I downloaded both 2.1.35 and the newest ~39 versions, I’ve tried to run it in different Windows tribes but when I make double-click there’s no action. My system is Windows 8.1. What should I do?

Try running Anki from the anki-console.exe executable in the installation folder and let us know what output you get.

Please see When Anki doesn't start on Windows (debugging steps) - Frequently Asked Questions

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I have received:
‘‘The program has stopped working properly due to a problem. Windows will close the program and notify you if there is an available solution.’’

I have updated my computer. I used cmd and there is:
‘’‘anki-console’ is not recognized as an intermal or extermal command operable programme or hatch file.’ Still no reaction.

Maybe you have Anki installed in a non-default folder (not in C:\program files\anki)?
Navigate to the installation folder and run anki-console.exe normally.

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I have made it specially to not install Anki in this folder but… you’re right. That was a problem.
I’ve downloaded the newest version of Anki and everything is fine. Thank you so much for all of yours attention. :slight_smile: