Anki Devs: Please fix your ArchLinux packages

Literally every single packaged version of anki on arch doesn’t run or has some kind of problem after installation.

  • the anki-official-binary-bundle aur package: the Anki window has been blank. only the topbar (with file, edit,tools,etc… ) shows up
  • installing anki from the offical website has the same problem as anki-official-binary-bundle
  • the anki-bin and anki packages in the aur straight-up don’t install on arch
  • the flatpak version works and I can make new cards and study them, the problem is when I try to install add-on from file the window hangs and I have to kill the program manually but more importantly the same thing happens when I try to export my anki deck (program hangs, have to restart anki) so I can’t backup my decks which makes me unable to use anki because I am worried I’ll lose all of my anki decks one day

I am also on arch and just tried the anki and anki-bin using yay. anki-bin worked completely fine, but anki failed in the prepare stage.

Also, I am not sure, but the Anki devs may not actually be the ones maintaining the aur pacakges. On their official site, they only have a tarball download for linux, and don’t mention any other installation methods.

I don’t personally have much desktop Linux experience, so my help here is limited. But I do know that the only supported source for Anki on Linux is from the official website. The other versions on the various distros are not recommended. See here:

If you are having trouble getting the official version to run, then you have posted to the right place. Someone else here with more experience can probably help you. I also remember seeing ArchLinux come up in the forum a few times lately, so if you haven’t already done so, I recommend searching to see if the solution has already been provided.


Just tried anki-bin and it works fine, for some reason it did not work like two days ago (the export feature works too which is what I needed), the devs still have to fix the other versions or at least the main version from the website