Anki desktop v ⁨2.1.50 (26d40c3a)⁩ doesn't move card to Review step

I’m using the latest version of Anki [2.1.50 (26d40c3a)⁩]. Here is a piece of my custom options for a specific deck:

Consider that Graduating interval = 7! But the latest version of Aki desktop ignores this option. You ask how? Take a look at this card’s info:

As you can see, at 2022-04-07 @ 12:14, I entered the Good button with seven days intervals; This means the card had to be moved to the Review step( because of Graduating interval = 7). But it’s still in the Learning step:

This happens after the latest update of Anki desktop. I’ve never had this problem before.


And the funniest thing: now (2022-04-17 @ 17:43), I entered the Good button again. After that, I checked the card’s Info; And look what it looked like:

What the fuck :woozy_face:

This all seems correct. On the first screenshot, the card is on the last learning step, but has not graduated, yet. Please see learning steps, and the subsequent section.
On your last screenshot, the card does have graduated. The interval of 6 days can be explained by fuzz.


I got your point.

These are the steps I have made so far:
1d 2d 5d 7d 7d
The last 7d showed right before appendix section.

Expected Steps:
1d 2d 5d 7d
(7d is graduating interval)

Should I change the Learning steps to [1d 2d 5d] for the expected behavior?

Yes. But since with these settings, the card will be a review card after it has passed the 5 days learning step, it will experience fuzz, and the next interval is only roughly 7 days as seen above. Just so you’re aware.

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