Anki deck view changed after update

I updated to Version ⁨23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)⁩ (flatpak) and enable FSRS. Then I open A Frequency Dictionary of Russian which I use since a couple of weeks. And which usually displayed on the front russian word and below russian sentence and on the back english word english sentence.
Now suddenly it only displays russian sentence on the front and english sentence at the back. I didn’t change anything else. Is this a bug?
How do I get my old setting back? I did this several months ago and don’t remember anymore where I can configure this behaviour.

Now I see that it seems to be that the card/note is two times there? How can this be?

You have two different note types. One has the fields Russian, Frequency, English, Category, and the other has the fields Frequency, Russian, Part of Speech, English, Russian Sentence, English Sentence. They are also in different decks.

The first note type doesn’t have any fields for sentences.

If the second note type is the one you want to use, click on the Cards… button (next to the Preview button which is in blue in your screenshot), and post what it shows for “Front template” and “Back template”.

How did this situation happen? Can it be that it was since the beginning and I just wasnt presented with this note yet?

I guess I can just ctrl+delete the one I dont want?

What does the Back Template show?

It should also have {{type:English Sentence}} on it.

If you click on the blue “Cards” slider (in your screenshot), it will turn green and change to “Notes”. Then you will see the two different note types associated with бык.

Then, in the left-hand-side sidebar, below the Decks section there is a “Note Types” section. You can click on each note type listed there to see all the notes of that note type. Then you can see how many other cards you have from the other note type, and decide what to do with them.

Is this a shared deck that you imported? Maybe you can contact the author and ask why there are two note types that seem to have overlapping purposes.

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I got the deck from: https:// ankiweb. net/shared/info/297221368

Your explanation made sense, I understand it better now. And worked like a charm! Thanks!

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