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Anki bugs and frequent crashes on MacOS 11.4

The current version of Anki has been extremely buggy and has crashed or become unresponsive. The following are the specific issues:

  1. half the time there is extremely slow app launch at least ~2 minutes, the other half of the time the app becomes unresponsive and crashes without launching
  2. app freezes on a blank screen when finishing reviewing a deck, where there is supposed to be the “finished reviewing deck” message. I need to force quit and try to relaunch the app to resume
  3. despite having installed mplayer, the “Sound will not play until mplayer is installed” message pops up on every card with audio

In attempts to resolve the issues, I have tried restarting my system (MacOS Big Sur 11.4), launching Anki without add-ons by pressing Shift, re-installing the latest Anki version, as well as downgrading to the last stable Anki release, but none have fixed any of the issues.

If anyone has run into similar issues and have found workarounds or fixes to these bugs, please let me know. I would like to resume normal use of Anki asap. Thank you.