Anki app crashes during application

Hello, The problem I have is that when I open the Anki app on my phone (android phone), I get redirected to the advanced settings. When I try to move out of the advanced settings, the app closes. If I go in through the website, I don’t see the newer decks of cards, otherwise everything works.

Is it AnkiDroid – or the Android version of AnkiApp?

I am using AnkiDroit

Are you having this same folder access issue?

I use the Ankidroid app on an android phone, so I guess it is the the android version.

I don’t think it’s the same problem, because I can’t make a backup of my folder. I can’t even acess the app, besides advanced settings -} Ankidroid Directory.

If Anki is taking you directly to the Advanced settings, I don’t know why it isn’t giving you the notification that it can’t find the old folder. :thinking: But if (1) you just updated to a new version of AnkiDroid, and (2) the advanced settings are showing you /storage/emulated/0/AnkiDroid as the directory location – I’m pretty sure this is what you need to solve.

The important question to figure out which part of the solution you need – was your collection already fully in sync with AnkiWeb when you updated AnkiDroid?

This is something you’d want to do from outside of AnkiDroid – by accessing that folder in your Android file system.

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Unfortunetly the collection on my phone wasn’t fully in sync with Ankiweb.

Ankidroid version on my phone is 2.17.6.

If you weren’t in sync with AnkiWeb, then you need to get in sync first to make this process work. The summary and links in the other thread will help you.

If you would, please also paste your Settings > About > Copy debug info in that thread, in case it helps the devs.

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To be honest I don’t really quiet get whats the doing :sweat_smile:. I thought that if I can download my backup from my Phone onto another device and import my backup to Ankidroid on that device to get my decks back that I can then sync it via that device with Ankiweb (which I tried and did not work) and then delete the app from my phone and reinstall it so im good to go. So what’s the part of the process I didn’t get the issue fixed? Sorry for being lost.

The idea is to basically do that – but without another device or importing and exporting. Google changed the rules, and the Play Store version can no longer get to your files where they are at. If you install that version on another device – it will have the same access problem.

The suggestion is to install an alternate build of AnkiDroid that doesn’t have the Google restrictions (that’s installed in “parallel” so it won’t change your main version). You use the alternate version to setup syncing to your AnkiWeb account, and get your AnkiWeb data up-to-date. Then with your main app, you sync with AnkiWeb, and you’ll have all of your data in the new file location that AnkiDroid can access.


Okay got it, so what’s the next step I have to take?
I already downloaded an GitHub parallel build.

In addition to the summary I just wrote, there are steps to follow in the other thread I linked to. Let me know if you’re confused at a step, and I’ll clarify.

Hello, so I followed the steps thread and I got my lost decks back and synced it with Ankiweb so that the decks are also available on Ankiweb👍🏼. The original Ankidroid app also works and the advanced settings are showing me : /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ichi2.anki/files/AnkiDroid

Should I delete Ankidroid.A or do I have to keep it?

Thank you for your help so far !

Once you’re confident that all of your media has synced to your new install, you shouldn’t need the parallel A install again. Run “Check Media” in both apps and make sure they are the same – since parallel A is looking at the old file location, and your main install is looking at the new one.