Anki 23.12 Beta

Feature suggestion

would it be possible to sync the list of add-ons with Ankiweb? So if someone changes computer or reinstalls the system, does not need to re-search all the add-ons he used.

I think it would be a good idea and not so difficult to implement. Just keep a txt file with a list of add-on codes and then prompt the user which ones he want to download and install again :slight_smile:


You can backup the directory %AnkiPath$/addons21 to achieve this.


I know …

Could you copy+paste an example here so we can easily reproduce it?

One of your add-ons appears to have an invalid install date. I’ll make Anki tolerant of this.

Try the shortcut key shown in the More button in the review screen.

They use the same code path. You may see different results if two or more cards have the same overdueness “score” - in that case, which one will come first will be random.

I’ve logged this on auto advance and tts conflict? · Issue #2868 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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The window sizes of card info in the reviewer, browser, the info of the previous card are all different after a modify one of them. Is there a way to keep them the same/have memory?

I noticed a new thing that was added in the last version but it doesn’t work well: there is support for selecting text for touch screen!
But the holders disappear a second after the selection.
Attached is a screenshot for illustration


The assumption here is that users may want to have info & previous info in different locations, and the browser info in a different location to when reviewing.

I’ve logged this on Touchscreen text cursors disappear · Issue #2875 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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Regarding the wording of the auto advance options:

I agree with suiyuan that the clearest answer would probably be
Seconds until answer is revealed
Seconds until next question is shown
Switching the order of the buttons from the current version alone would probably do a lot to improve understanding though.

These are a bit long though, but if the spinboxes where the numbers are entered would be allowed to shrink more they would probably fit even on mobile, or at least something a bit longer than what’s currently allowed without wrapping. Currently they are a bit too large for what’s actually needed.

This is how it looks for me when the options window is minimized as much as possible, with the maximum values:
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 14.47.55
Which is quite close to how it looks on my phone. If the width of those fields would be smaller, longer option descriptions (but maybe not quite as long as the suggested ones) would fit without the wrapping.

I’d be able to submit a PR to switch the order of the buttons and change the wording. Changing the width of the buttons is a bit outside of my current ability though.

A question regarding the naming convention. Suppose Anki 23.12 comes out, and then a minor patch comes out in January 2024. Will it be called 23.12.1, or 24.01?
I assume the former, but that might be a little confusing since the point of the new naming convention is to make it easier to identify when a version came out.

I assume the latter 24.01.0

I think that the minor patch to 23.12 should raise version to 23.12.1.
Only a major change should pump up the version to 24.01.
Of course it is still to discuss where minor patch ends and major patch starts :wink:

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Oh, I’m sorry I misread that. As for minor patches… yeah that’s a tough call.

Suggestion: display the number of reviews that are eligible to be used by the optimizer under “Optimize FSRS parameters”.


In the latest stable release and the current beta the additional info section for “intervalfactor hard” is messed up (German translation):

Couldn’t find the corresponding text in the translation to fix it myself.

Maybe here.

Btw I have translated some strings in german and are still unreviewed (german is not my mother tongue), so if you like you could check them Pontoon

Beta 2 is now available:

I did not have time to address some of the issues mentioned above.

Regarding the German translation, my guess is things are breaking because the translator has used double quotes: Pontoon


With the help button becoming a bit more noticeable, maybe also make the link to the manual a bit more noticeable in the help screen? I only discovered that it was a link by accident.

Maybe not even have it as an icon, but rather a text under “New Cards” that says something like “Open [New Cards] in the manual”? Especially for sections whose subsections don’t have any links to the manual, e.g. burying or timer, I think this would help.

And two minor things:

  • The release notes says updated to PyQt 6.6.1, while in the about screen it says 6.6.0
  • There is now a small overlap between the reset button and the toggle button next to it in the options screen:

And maybe there should be a hint in the filtered deck screen that interval 0 will return the card to the original deck?


  • Fix auto advance state not being restored after focus change in some cases by @abdnh in #2860

It still doesnt work for me:

Also, the related shortcut (SHIFT + A) has stopped working.

Yes, that’s where I looked to fix the problem.

I’ll take a look at your suggestions.

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sure, try:

\ln ^{\alpha} x \text{______} x^{\beta}\text{______}a^{x}