Anki 2.1.54 Release Candidate

I was trying to preset values rather according to the chosen file than just restoring the last settings. However, what to do with existing notes is probably not something that depends on the imported file, so I don’t think we’ll want to add a header for that. I’ll look into getting the old behaviour back, that remembers the last input.

Also, tags are now automatically mapped as well.


I tested it in RC3 and now the tag mapping is working.
If the old behavior works, which remembers the last input, it wouldn’t need the header. :grinning:

This RC3 version is perfect. Thanks.

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2.1.54 was released as stable today. Changes since rc3:

  • Fix descriptions overflowing field (thanks to Matthias).

  • Remember duplicate handling option in CSV import (thanks to Rumo).

  • Refuse to import/export cards with timestamps in the future (thanks to Rumo).

  • Better handle notes with missing cards in browse screen (thanks to Rumo).

If you encounter any issues with the stable release, please let us know on a new thread.