Anki 2.1.45 Beta

Hi Damien,

I found two small bugs and have one suggestion:

1. When changing the color of text:


I mark the text below, click on the “v” to select a color and press OK. The color then doesn’t change automatically like in previous versions. I have to press the button on the left (the underlined “A”) again, which is slightly annoying. (I know, probably a toolkit issue, just wanted to let you know. :+1:)

2. Sometimes the main menu doesn’t update or doesn’t even show anything.

I’m unable to reproduce this reliably but it happened multiple times. It can be fixed by clicking somewhere on the menu and pressing F5 to refresh.

3. I think the new option to specify the review order of due cards is just great.

For law students and medical students (at least) it would be amazing to have two additional options:
a) Order by creation time
b) Order by deck and then by creation time

Also if related cards could be shown right after each other that would be perfect.

I know that this is already possible by creating a custom deck but this would make life even easier for many people.

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