Anki 2.1.35 plays audio with volume lower on right side

I’ve been extracting audio from mpv recordings and Anki plays it out weirdly, i’ve checked and the media itself is normal, but inside Anki it plays out weirdly. The format is .mp3.
Here’s a video showcasing the bug:

(just to clarify, i’m using a mpv script where I can paste the subtitles on mpv and it extracts the audio of the subtitles and takes a screenshot of it and automatically pastes it on anki)

And here’s the source audio extracted from mpv, to show that it plays out normally from other sources:

Anyone has any idea on what’s causing this?

How did you extract the mp3 you uploaded? It’s mono, so there is no second channel which could have a different volume.
Can you ascertain whether the source video is mono or stereo?

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Don’t know what’s exactly the way the audio was extracted, the script used a function directly from mpv, if needed I could contact the dev about it though

But the source video is indeed stereo, what does that lead to?

To be clear: I was referring to the mp3 you uploaded to, not the video embedded in your post.
Since this mp3 is mono and the sound heard in your video after importing to Anki clearly stereo, you must have used either a different tool or different settings.

Extracting the audio as mono will of course equalise the volume from the two channels. So it might still be an issue with the source file.
But whether it is or not, if the script offers you the option to extract as mono, use it and the problem should go away.