[Anki 2.1.28 - .31] Link to AnkiWeb-Registration doesn't do anything

When I click it, the link just doesn’t do anything. I’m on Windows 10. Anki 2.1.21 doesn’t have this problem, but .28 and up do as well. I didn’t try with .22 - .27.


Also the link should probably point to https://ankiweb.net/account/register (instead of /login). When I explain Anki to people this confuses a lot of them because they just type in their data, hit enter and get an error. Clicking on a registration button should lead to a registration menu, not a login menu. If this is a translation issue, let me know if I can fix it myself. In that case it would be great if you could send me another invite to the current translation platform.

Thanks for the reports, I’ll address this and the other issue in the next update.

Re translating, please drop me a private message with the info here: https://translating.ankiweb.net/#/

Done. Links not being clickable also was the case when I recently used gettext() in one of my addons by the way. Might be the same issue.

It was an issue specific to Fluent - if you’re using gettext, perhaps you’re not enabling external links.