An error when i try to setup my Anki using the options section

Am new to Anki and am trying to set it up. I am using it on Ubuntu 20.04. On my homepage when i try selecting the options button, it throws the error below:
Anki 2.1.15 (442df9d6) Python 3.10.4 Qt 5.15.3 PyQt 5.15.6
Platform: Linux
Flags: frz=False ao=False sv=1

Caught exception:
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 213, in
a.triggered.connect(lambda b, did=did: self._options(did))
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 242, in _options
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 869, in onDeckConf
aqt.deckconf.DeckConf(self, deck)
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 25, in init
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 49, in setupConfs
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 66, in loadConfs
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 89, in onConfChange
File “/usr/share/anki/aqt/”, line 175, in loadConf
<class ‘TypeError’>: setValue(self, int): argument 1 has unexpected type ‘float’

I would like to know how i can about sorting this one out. Thank you

It seems that you have installed Anki through a package manager, because they usually are stuck at 2.1.15, which is getting old now. To keep it simple, you could either reinstall it by downloading the binaries on the website or by installing anki-ppd with snap (which Ubuntu now officially ships as one of its package managers), which is keeping up with Anki’s pace. Basically, anything but apt.

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