Amboss AddOn stopped working on ipad and iphone


I downloaded the anki app on my ipad yesterday and the amboss AddOn worked just fine. But then after a few hours if suddenly stopped working and I get the error message that add on seems out of sync. The macbook which I used to download Anki and the amboss add on for the first time isn’t working anymore and I am about to get a new laptop. But I downloaded Anki on my husbands laptop and activated the add on there, where it works just fine. However, when I try to now sync it again with my ipad or iphone the amboss add on doesn’t work, giving me the same error message.

I tried to sync, to log out, and to delete the app and to download it again… nothing helps.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Here is their contact information:


Is this an issue that amboss has to fix or is this an anki issue? I never had an issues with my amboss account… would they know how to fix it?

It is an add-on developed by AMBOSS for a commercially available product, so you are at the right support address.