Although I did the review, why the number of future due card number don't decreased?

The number of review card don’t seem go down on the Future Due graph.
I am working through backlog of cards. The card due used to decreased once I started to review them. But when I review my card, it does not decreased even after I reviewed them

I did the review today and now it shown 83 days ago with remaining 3 card left. This does not decreased although I reviewed additional cards.

Good job to be working through your backlog!

It sounds like it decreased to 3, and you’re wondering why it didn’t decrease to 0? Most of the reasons I can think of have to do with siblings, burying, limits, decks, and suspendeds. But I’d be guessing if I just started saying things, so let’s find out what cards they are first?

You can click on that bar in the graph, and Anki will show you those specific 3 cards in the browser. That’s the easiest way to figure out what happened.


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