Alt + F4 does not close window when card type drop down list in down

Don’t know if this bug have been reported or not but if the dropdown list is down in the card type windows, Alt + F4 will not work.

Tried this in both 2.1.26 and 2.1.33

Pressing Esc two times works wonders.

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So does clicking X on the top right corner.

That does not change the fact that Alt+F4 is broken.

edit: I have a Alt+F4 mapped to one of my mouse button, and is the only method I use to close all types of windows/app. (probably that’s why I assume I am the first person who discovered it? Since I can’t find the issue being reported here and still exist in 2.1.33 and it’s been years since the implement of the (stupid) dropdown “feature”)

This is a toolkit issue, not specific to Anki. You can reproduce it in other Qt5 applications like qBittorrent for example.

Why anyone would want to do that type of action in the first place? :thinking:

Nevertheless, the Qt Bug Tracker to submit a new bug report is here -

Everybody works differently, walk differently, eat differently, use human input interface differently.

I guarantee you that I am far more efficient with computer inputs with my Dvorak layout, fully programmable QMK enabled mech keyboard all sorts of mapping and Logitech G600 MMO mouse with most used shortcuts set up mapped to the 20 buttons on it.

You can move your entire left arm and then stretch out your pinky to and double tap esc twice on the keyboard. I can click once without moving a finger using a shortcut on my mouse and use 10 times less energy and a fraction of the time while holding my coffee with my left arm.

That would be another reason not to use the drop down list. Never had that issue with tab based card type window.