All my decks disappeared

Hello everyone,

I have been using Anki on my Macbook for two years now without any problems.

Right now, I am preparing for my state exam with Anki and decided to create a deck (with subdecks) for every small topic I need to know in order to be able to have the most systematic approach possible in my preparation.

As the amount of learning material is very huge, this had the consequence that I created a lot of decks- it might have been hundreds of decks with subdecks. I only created the decks and didn’t fill them with cards yet.

I was creating new decks today as well and everything was working fine until new created decks stopped to appear. I tried to restart Anki and when I did so, all my Anki decks disappeared. I can see all the decks when I look in ,Browse", but when I try to open ,Decks" page, it is just blank, even my old decks with cards don’t show up. If I create a new deck, it only appears in ,Browse", not in ,Decks". I had the problem of the ,Decks" page being blank in the past before when I finished a deck, I could see others had this problem as well, but there the easy solution was to restart Anki. In this case, restarting Anki does not help.

I installed the latest version of Anki and tried to restart my computer several times. This didn’t help.

I read that Anki might not be supposed to work with that many decks and therefore, I tried to delete some of the decks, but this didn’t help either.

I created a new profile and on the new profile, I am at least able to create new decks which will show up on ,Decks", but this doesn’t help me, as I need the decks on my old profile to appear.

I would be very thankful for any support and will stand available if anything should be unclear.


The current test build no longer has a size limitation for the deck list, so you could try that. New toolkit and packaging test (round 2)

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I downloaded the test build and it solved the problem.

Thank you so much, I was working two weeks on the decks, I am so relieved the problem is solved.