Alignment of multiple images

Hi everyone
I tend to use multiple images in my cards. and since I changed to night mode all of them are aligned to the bottom and before that they where aligned to the top.
I tried to disable some of my add-ons to see if it somehow related but it doesn’t.
i also try to find similar problem all over but couldn’t find anything

I am adding a picture to ensure you understand what I meant and my list of of Add-ons

thank you all !


Hi @yanirsho!

Your problem is probably not related to any addons, but with the CSS style of your cards. (see here for more explanation)

You could just append this line to your CSS and see the images aligned the old way.

    vertical-align: text-top;

Please note that you need to append this line inside the img block.

For more information about how this CSS attribute works, see here.

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thanks !!
and if i have “resize images in editor” addon ? should i do it in the addon config?

hmm… This addon seems to just adjust the properties of individual images, not the attributes of the whole note type, so you don’t need to worry about it. Anyway, if it does modify the alignment of multiple images, please tag me in this thread again and I’ll look more carefully into this.

it worked !!!
thanks !!

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