AI and Conversation practice

Does anybody know how can I use one of AI-powered sites(i.e. chatgpt) to practice Spanish conversation?

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You need to use the right prompts.

I think that’s what they are asking for

You do like everyone does and spend some time experimenting with the prompts yourself. There is no one size fits all prompt but it’s pretty easy to craft the right ones.

Here’s an idea but I don’t know how well it would work in practice: If I was really struggling with a phrase/word I might use AI to attempt to correct a simple sentence you wrote yourself using and demonstrating the meaning.

This could be an iterative process of having the AI correct it and determine that the sentence makes sense.

After you have the sentence you could cloze delete the phrase. As long as the sentence you create illustrates the meaning well, you would have an emotional connection with it from there on and it should be easy to internalize.

This has two big downsides that I see right off the bat though:

  1. it’s quite a lot of work to create the card so you would have to deem the cards importance it worth effort
  2. The sentence you produce in the end may be acceptable to the AI, but could still be unknowingly bad

With an existing work you’ve read, or even one you haven’t, the author has already chosen a synonym for you, but you have to hope that it wasn’t a mistake, that you understood it correctly, and that everybody relevant understands it a similar way that you are okay with. The emotional connection part is obvious.

With a neural network, you have to choose a low temperature, “discuss”, and maybe can expect for the sentence to be more neutral than one from a book, but indeed you still have to hope that it’s better than a random unattributed sentence from or and is not a common error or random dialect. Unless you specify or “discuss” that, too. And unless you request even more context, the only emotional connection will be that you’ve spent so much time on it.
If it works, it seems almost as good as those videos that tell you to use synonyms instead of a typical phrase used by foreigners, except you have no one to attribute your knowledge to.
You could also tell it to pretend to be a movie character, or express an idea you need (and maybe then sound like that character and the neural network to those who have used it :grinning:).
A possible big benefit is that you can ask it to keep the sentence short and put the word closer to the end.

Sometimes it is easier to find or build a corpus, like the one you’d use for MorphMan.

I disagree.

You may be misunderstanding what I am suggesting(looking back at my post I see that did not write what I meant so it’s understandable). I am saying you have to create meaning by crafting a sentence yourself. You have to use the word in the target language in a way that it makes semantic sense, not simply copied from a corpus or wherever. That demands that you think about the meaning and how to actually apply it.

If that takes 10-15 minutes to do, you could spend the same amount of time digging through external sentence examples until you find one that you like the best and contains the word, but the connection you have is not the same at all.

As far as the AI goes. I am saying that only after you have constructed a sentence you yourself wrote in such a way that seeing it in the future will let you figure out the target word, you use the AI in a communicative way to correct any major faults.

So basically you are talking about words for which you can’t find enough good example sentences that you understand well quickly enough.

I’m talking about words where if you see the definition you may feel okay-slightly uncomfortable, when you see it in a sentence you feel even more uncomfortable, and if were to use it on your own you would likely use it incorrectly or most likely not at all.

These words are not only little gaps that often remained unfilled, but also can often make learning or understanding whatever they are near more complicated than it has to be.

There are some slippery words like that, and forcing yourself to produce a sentence that demonstrates it meaningfully then getting checked by an AI to make sure your work isn’t making bad habits or anything might be a way to get a grasp on such phrases/grammar/whatever it is in the language you’re struggling with.

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Thank you all for the responses and suggestions

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