Addon for Updating Reviews Throughout the Day?

I am relatively new to SRSes and unfamiliar with configuring Anki or how the system works so I mostly run default settings with a few tweaks currently. I once used a purpose-specific SRS app that made reviews fiendishly addictive and manageable by introducing them throughout the day, the minute they are ready for review, instead of immediately dumping a pile on you at midnight. You could make it a habit of doing a small amount of reviews during downtime and end up being able to support a larger workload through the day than you could just setting aside an hour to grind reps. Is there something like this for Anki? Is it a basic feature I am ignoring? The way it works right now is that once I have gone through my queue, that’s it for the day. It’s really demotivating. If I set aside an hour to knock out my daily Anki in the morning I go through the day feeling like I have gaps where I could do a few reviews here and there.

I usually use discipline and common sense to split my review time during the day instead of doing one big pile in the morning.