Adding Screenshots to Anki without being blurred/ Macbook?

Hello, I‘m a bit distressed and hope somebody can help me.
I‘ve downloaded Anki recently and created some cards. I now wanted to images from my textbook. The problem is, that my screenshots are always losing quality and are extremely blurred when I copy them into Anki.
I have already selected „insert images as png“ in tools > preferences (but it doesn‘t help). I have also tried to copy&paste, drag&drop, paste it via clipboard etc.
It only appears in Anki (not in other apps).
(I have a MacBook Pro 2017 using macOS Big Sur 11.0.1).
Has someone experienced something similar and knows how to solve it? :slight_smile:

Try this:
(1) Image blurry when I copy-paste them directly into Anki. Help! : Anki (

Please see Screenshots large and blurry on retina displays - Frequently Asked Questions