Adding a source link to a type in answer card

I have a semi simple question:
How do I add an option to a card where we have to select the correct answer?

I would like to create a card similar to this:

(Primary or Secondary) structure is (sequence or bonding) of amino acids?

Select: Primary sequence, It displays correct answers and then a link displays after show answer is pressed.

Create a field named source in your note template and reference it on the back of your card as {{Source}} below the answer.

I figured out the link situation. I am moreso wanting to figure out the selection option. I hope that made sense. LOL

That looks like a good candidate for a cloze deletion card with hints – Adding/Editing - Anki Manual .

{{c1::Primary::Primary or Secondary}} structure is {{c1::sequence::sequence or bonding}} of amino acids?

This is what I thought also, instead of selecting the answer choices could I do a {{type:notes}} or {{type:extra}} and have them type in the answer? I don’t want to just say the answer in my mind. I want to type it or select it. Or am I asking for too much from one card?

You can combine cloze and type-answer if you like. But you’ll only be able to have one type-answer field, even if you have 2 clozes, so see the advice about how to deal with that. Field Replacements - Anki Manual

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