Add streaks to Hitmarker addon

BASE INFO: Trying to either add streaks to a modified version of the addon Hitmakers, or adding audio to the killstreaks Addon.

APPROACH: not sure how to “know” if the previous card was answered correctly, in the code (of Hitmarkers) we have something like

" if ease == 1:
confirm(image_paths.lapsed, sound_paths.lapsed, duration)
elif ease in (2, 3, 4):
confirm(image_paths.passed, sound_paths.passed, duration)
I would have to first somehow figure out if the last card was answerd correctly or not,

then add something like

"if counter is at =< 4, etccc. "

that part should be fine, just can’t figure out how to do the counter thing.

Thank you in advance!!!

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