[ Add-on Support ] Zoom 23 (Fork for Anki 23 by Shige)

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:microscope:Zoom 23 (Fork for Anki 23 by Shige) / RateThis

Add-on code : 1923741581

This add-on is a fork of Zoom 2.1 for Anki23+.

  • Zoom values for Review and Deck overview can be memorized.

    This effect is valid after restarting Anki.

  • Use shortcut keys to zoom in, zoom out, Reset.

Default Shortcut Keys
  1. Zoom_in : Ctrl+Shift++
  2. Zoom_out : Ctrl+Shift+-
  3. Reset : Ctrl+Shift+^
  • Shortcut keys can be customized to your favorite keys.
    Adjust them according to your device and keyboard.
  • Menubar → View → Zoom23 → Zoom23 Setting


Known issue: Incremental reading add-on is incompatible. (Incremental read add-on has its own zoom).

I develop game add-ons for Anki, simple fixes and customs for broken add-ons for the latest Anki(I am not related to the official Anki). If you want to support my development, you can get prototype game add-ons by becoming a Patreon. And if you become a free patreon, you can get the latest info, so please check it out👍 Patreon : Shigeyuki : Currently there are 8 content, and 10 mini game themes(AnkiArcade).


I forgot to test on Linux and Mac, if you have any problems please contact me.

When was initially testing for MacOS, the shortcuts didn’t work, it displayed a box with ?

But after changing and reverting the shortcuts, it displayed correctly

MacOS: Version 14.2.1 (Sonoma)
Anki: 23.12.1 Qt6 (Apple)

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Thanks for the feedback!
I have tested it on Mac OS Monterey, but can’t seem to reproduce the issue.

Shortcut keys always behave strangely.
In Windows, it shows text “Ctrl+0” but in reality it is “Shift+Ctrl+0”.

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Just wanted to report that it works great and Mac and THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was so sad to have lost support a few updates ago. This is great :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback! I am relieved to hear that it is working properly.

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I’m on Windows 11, with Anki V 2.1.54 Qt 6 :

  • Zoom resets after renaming a particular deck.
  • Zoom resets when adding each new card.
  • Zoom resets When I click on a deck to study, then go back to the main page, the zoom scale goes back to 100%, although I have set it to 146% in the config page.

Anki version 2.1.54 is my appropriate version because all my favorite Add-ons compatible with It, so I wouldn’t like to update it.

Could anyone please fix it to be combatible with V 2.1.54. I really need this Add-on.

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Thank you for the error report.
I uploaded the fixed version to AnkiWeb.

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Did you test It on V 2.1.54? Because the problems still persists as shown in this video :

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Thanks for the video, very clear.
I fixed the overview, but it seems your problem was deck browser. I uploaded the fixed version.

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Now, It works well :white_check_mark:, THANK YOU A LOT :
It would be better to Add these options as in this Add-on Anki Zoom :
1- zoom_step : How much is zoom is applied per step.
2- image zoom
3- Tooltip popup displays zoom percentage (can be disabled in menu)
4- scroll_sensitivity: Defines how much scrolling triggers a zoom step (in arbitrary units). Lower values correlate to more sensitive scrolling.

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Thank you! If you like this add-on, please rate this!:+1:t2:

[ AnkiZoom Features ]
More features make add-ons more fragile, so I intentionally excluded AnkiZoom’s features.
But this Zoom23 repair has been successful so far, so I will look into it later.

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Ok, I’ve just rated it :white_check_mark:.

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